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    Fittings & Materials

    M & M Kitchens & Joinery uses high-quality kitchen fittings to provide you with a truly unique kitchen. Whether you want a traditional country look, or a contemporary kitchen paradise, we ensure a stunning appearance, durable surfaces and efficient storage.

    Our team understands what kitchen fittings are popular in the modern day and how to achieve a versatile and personalised look. When you trust M & M Kitchens & Joinery to design your dream kitchens in Canberra, Queanbeyan and the surrounds, we make sure every detail meets your taste and requirements. 


    M & M Kitchens & Joinery works closely with trusted Australian suppliers in kitchen fittings. Please read on below to find out more about why we choose these reputable companies and brands.

    blum logo

    As a leading Australian Company that operates worldwide, Blum meets the most stringent demands for design, function, and adjustment convenience, along with user-friendly kitchen fittings. M & M Kitchens & Joinery is proud to be an accredited supplier of Blum kitchen fittings, including drawer systems and assembly devices. Blum also supply us with the precision gauges and jigs that we use to transfer, mark and drill the fixing positions of Blum kitchen fittings. 

    One of Blum's latest kitchen fittings is the Orga-Line adjustable inner dividing system. Orga-Line is a high-quality dividing system made from stainless steel for the interior of drawers and high fronted pull-outs. This system uses various containers as well as cross and lateral dividers to provide the right location for all storage items. It provides organisation and gives an excellent overview of the contents in all the drawers and high fronted pull-outs.

    Here at M & M Kitchens & Joinery, we install the new Blum Blumotion system for doors, drawers and pull-outs. Blumotion re-defines the term, quality of motion, creating a perfect, smooth, quiet and efficient closing movement. You'll love the way doors close silently and effortlessly, day in and day out.  Blum provides many different inspiring solutions for convenient, efficient and effortless storage, whether it be for under sink units or the pull-out pantry.

    Quantum Quartz logo

    The ideal countertop and flooring surface, Quantum Quartz is extremely hard-wearing, making it a practical and aesthetic choice for all commercial and residential applications. Quantum Quartz is highly resistant to scratching, staining and heat, and a popular choice for our clients in Canberra, Queanbeyan and the surrounds. 

    Thanks to its low absorption rate, these surfaces require little maintenance and are available in slabs and tiles in a choice of 43 unique colours.


    Modena Logo
    Our designers select from a range of fine Modena products, including taps, dishwashers, range hoods, microwaves, ovens and sinks. All from world class manufacturers, these kitchen fittings are the essentials of a fine kitchen, allowing for special structural considerations, such as corner placements, ceiling heights and roof beams. The form and function of properly design and manufactured kitchen fittings ensure a truly functional and beautiful space. With such a wide range of products available from Modena, M & M Kitchens & Joinery can select the right kitchen fittings to fit into your new kitchens or renovation projects in Canberra, Queanbeyan and beyond. 
    Modena tap
    Modena products

    Polytec logo

    We bring you Polytec doors of unmatched quality from an ever-growing comprehensive product range, along with cabinet accessories, drawer fascias and functional extras. Australian made Polytec doors offer an outstanding array of colours, styles and finishes to complement your individual décor. Polytec designers are constantly researching local and European trends to ensure they can offer the latest colours and finishes. 

    Polytec have recently launched a new range of melamine board in texture, woodgrain, matt and unique gloss finishes. Available in a similar choice of colours to the door range, the Polytec board can be used as square edged doors, or combined with Polytec doors in the overall design of your kitchen. Using the highest grade materials, crafted with ultra-modern technology to ensure extreme durability, Polytec manufacturing quality is undeniably superior.

    polytec products

    Corian logo

    Manufactured by Du Pont, Corian is a special formulation of natural materials and high-performance acrylic. Available in an impressive range of colours, Corian offers an amazing combination of creative and functional advantages that are not found in any other type of benchtop material. Corian can be cut or seamed to any size, and integrated with a Corian sink, grooved, carved and sandblasted, and thermoformed into shapes, including columns and mouldings.

    Corian is easy to clean, stain-resistant, seamless to the eye, and it’s 100% solid. With simple routine care, Corian will retain its opalescent beauty for years. The non-porous structure of Corian provides a hygienic work surface for food preparation, as it has no cracks or crevices to collect dirt and bacteria, meaning fats, oils, stains and odours can be simply washed off. Best of all, when you run your hand over Corian, you realise that it looks and feels both warm and inviting.

    Corian tiles

    Laminex logo


    Inspiration comes in many forms, and thanks to Laminex, we can create inspiring interiors for your kitchen and living space. Laminex produces a range of laminates for doors, benchtops, panels and a range of kitchen fittings in stylish colours, timber veneers and patterns in over 200 Laminex decors. Simply explore and enjoy.

    Laminex design

    Castella logo
    As Australia’s premier importer and distributor of quality furniture handles and knobs, Castella supplies the best furniture handles imported from overseas. From furniture knobs for doors around the home to the finest kitchen cabinet handles, Castella have a superb range in a huge selection of styles and sizes. Castella’s constant product development and commitment to quality ensure that you’re continually provided with premium kitchen fittings for various applications. 
    Castella handle

    Lincoln Logo


    As part of the Dulux Group, Lincoln Sentry is a leading trade distributor of products for the building, kitchen, renovation, furniture making and shop fitting industries. The firm focusses on key products from leading brands and delivers strong support through 25 branches across Australia. 

    Lincoln kitchen design

    Nover Logo
    As part of the Dulux Group, Lincoln Sentry is a leading trade distributor of products for the building, kitchen, renovation, furniture making and shop fitting industries. The firm focusses on key products from leading brands and delivers strong support through 25 branches across Australia. 

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